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The comprehensive recycling project processing lead matte of Jinui silver industry officially produced

UpdateTime : 2016/11/12  Hits :   

On November 12, 2016, the Jingui silver industry new process comprehensive recycling lead matte project undertook by Zhejiang Kefei Technology Co., Ltd. officially produced.

Green environmental protection utilization of lead matte has been a difficult point in the field, the project through the "grinding -pressurized acid leaching - and Kefei technology independent intellectual property rights of the cyclone and vertical electrolysis technology”, greatly shorted the processing process, not only recovered the direct recovery of copper resources, but also lead and precious metals, create a good condition for the next step, had good economy, high environmental efficiency. It was believe that the the production line create more benefits for the "Jingui silver industry".

The project has gone through less than a year, from technical demonstration, preparation to the current officially production, Kefei technology and Jingui silver industry overcame the climate and other adverse effects, completed the project by the common efforts.

"Kefei Technology" as a company dedicated to comprehensive application of resources in the field of professional and technical, has been engaged in the industry for customers recover valuable and precious metal from the waste liquid, and provided a complete solution. The cooperation between "Kefei Technology" and the "Jingui silver industry", not only shows the technology maturity of Kefei, but also proved that Kefei technology improved capacity to undertake integrated project.

The leader of Jingui silver industry and Deng Tao general manager of Kefei technology speech for the production ceremony, and together to start lead matte comprehensive recovery project, under the efforts of Jingui silver industry and Kefei technology company, the lead matte comprehensive recovery project will become the demonstration in the industry.