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KeFei is a technology consulting service provider, engineering contractor and operating service provider, which is based on wet metallurgical technology and has the advantage of leading technology at home and abroad.Company treated the oxidized ore, sulfide ore and city mining resources, by the efficient separation and purification technology of independent intellectual property rights, the cyclone and vertical electrolytic technology had the ability of string up and down, integrating industrial chain, and we can put forward a set of solution for the owners, in copper, nickel, cobalt, lead, zinc, gold, silver and other valuable and rare metals processing, the unique economic and practical treatment scheme is famous in the industry.

Overall treatment scheme of the liquid after copper electrolysis and purification is a complete set of patent technology of company in the industry, it is efficient and selectively metal purification and impurities separation, a reasonable connecting link of copper smelting production technology between the preceding and the economic and environmental protection, gradually applied to various large and medium-sized copper smelting production line at home and abroad.

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